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Dear Prospective Families,

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  • Choosing a school is a reflection of what motivates you as a parent. Who is your child -- as a student, a citizen, and a member of your family? Who will they become as they grow and mature?

    Students at Frontiers Academy thrive in a positive learning environment and gain the language and academic skills as well as the social competencies needed for the 21st century. As the Head of School, it is my pleasure to lead a staff of dedicated professionals who provide unique educational opportunities for our students.
FA is an immersion school merging research-based best practices in the classroom with a school culture focused on nurturing and developing the whole child. Our academic program has five key goals. First, seeing every student become truly trilingual in Mandarin, Spanish, and English. Second, achieving academic excellence through implementation of recognized pedagogical best practices in the classroom. Third, encouraging and developing our students to be compassionate, principled, respectful and service oriented young people. Fourth, ensuring our students have a strong foundation in their target languages’ cultures. And finally, providing students the opportunity to explore and pursue their passions leading to service in action.

As an immersion school in the United States, one of the unique features of Frontiers Academy’s program is how we implement our trilingual education program. FA’s model of trilingual education ensures students meet learning outcomes for all content areas using an inquiry-based learning framework in all languages. FA students are enthusiastic about whatever task or project is at hand and are mindful of the traits of respect and responsibility inherent in good citizenship. We believe children learn by doing, and we use inquiry as a driving force for learning from our earliest grades. Supported by compassionate adults and engaged schoolmates, students enjoy every opportunity to build a foundation for learning.

The Mandarin program is true immersion, in that not only is it defined by the number of minutes spent in each language, but by content area educational outcomes. Our learning outcomes ensure students graduate Grade 8 with linguistic and content skills in both English and the target languages, and ensure students are prepared to go to top performing high schools.

While Frontiers Academy is a growing school, we all remain firmly committed to our founding values and to maintaining a child-centered program that is dedicated to developing the whole person - head, heart, and body. It is my honor and privilege to be part of the Frontiers Academy community. Making the choice of a lifetime for your child requires great thought and consideration. If you are looking to provide your child with an excellent trilingual education that values social emotional development and academic achievement, maintains a deep appreciation for cultures and global citizenship, and ensures students have opportunities to explore new skills and talents, I would encourage you to consider being a part of Frontiers Academy. Please take your time visiting our website and our campus. Ask questions of current parents, students, and faculty. We look forward to meeting you.

Warm Regards,
Sue Ha
Located in Costa Mesa, CA Frontiers Academy is a private day immersion school for grades Pre-K – Grade 8. Students benefit from a trilingual fluency and an intellectually challenging, advanced curriculum in Mandarin, Spanish, and English.